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Jul 10, 2013 5:00am EDT
's not a great start. looking at the radar we're quiet for the moment.t. couple different waves of energy coming t a pretty good complex pushing through western pennsylvania.nsl a few showers falling apart that press to western maryland and west virginia overnight. as that moves through the region today just like yesterday we'll' likely see showers and maybe a thunderstorm fire up along with cloud cover. so more of the same. temperatures in the mid to upper 80s i think the first thing you'll notice is the humidity. >> already noticed it. >> as soon as we walked out hit us in the face i blow dried the hair upside down. d that's why it's still poofy, sarah. >> i do it every day. d have to do what you can. you >> it's the humidity. we're waiting for them to completely clear the work zone.z northbound 5 between 200 the icc and 198 traffic is getting get through the work zone to the left. authorities tell me they arell checking for a crash on the beltway near connecticut avenue. 395 northbound overnight roadigt work cleared for folks heading northbound across the potomac p light traffic vo
Jul 9, 2013 5:00am EDT
the initial batch will get ie n here. however as we get into theinto afternoon hours, energy back in ohio what we call upper level ur trough will come in and this iss what we typically see in the afternoon hours, in the summeru, months, what that will do is dos serve as sort of a place for thr storms to follow and get somesoe lift, and traps give us scattered showers and storms. 89, the scattered showers andshr thunderstorms in the forecast. e >> okay, we will take it, because we have no other choice. >> thanks, tucker.>> >>> time to check in with julie wright and get awn date o an upe morning commute.ute. >>> there's construction in constitution, and we're sheafing receiving word that a man is complaining of chest pains, there's a rescue underway, keep your eyes open at 14 and constitution avenue.venue. meanwhile in virginia, virg northbound i95, no issues toto report there.e. 66 is taking a peek at right now. coming in from manassas, andssa light traffic volume, continuing inbound toward fair oaks, off to a quiet start, and leaving, the church, and continuingd northbound, to issues to report
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2